May 11, 2017

Makeup Brushes

Have you ever used makeup and then had a skin breakout from it? Well it is probably not the makeup. Most likely it is how the makeup was applied to your skin. Sanitation is key. If using your hands wash first with antibacterial soap. Sponges are meant to be disposable but if you want to reuse them – know how to properly clean them. Wash with antibacterial soap, rinse, and spray lightly with alcohol. 70% or higher alcohol is best. 

The majority of us use makeup brushes. Brushes can range from high end sable, to low end synthetic. Regardless of the brushes we have, most of us have little time during the morning rush. So our brushes get used again and again without ever being cleaned. I bet some of you use them and throw them in a drawer with hair gummies, combs, old gum wrappers, and lint! Maybe they just get tossed in the consol of your car! Yuck! 

Your brushes are the most important part of your makeup application. After EACH use, you should clean them. First put some antibacterial liquid soap in the palm of your hand. Wet the brush and swirl it in the soap until brush rinses clean. Shake brush over sink to remove excess water. Lay the brush on a towel. Lightly spray the bristles with brush cleaner. A professional brush cleaner like Kryolan professional makeup has is 98% alcohol. This will dry quickly and leave your brush smelling fresh. Even 70% alcohol will sanitize the bristle, just take a little longer to dry. Brushes should be left lying flat or stand upright to dry completely. This helps to keep their shape. Once dry they are ready for use again. Remember you wouldn’t use a dirty to fork to each with, so don’t put a dirty brush on your clean face!