July 17, 2017

How Do You Travel?

Once upon a time people dressed up to travel…. Those days are long gone. Now it’s hoodies, pajama pants and messy buns! Really? Take pride in your appearance. Traveling is exhausting and comfort is key. Even though you dress for comfort you can look stylish and put together. Recently on travel for work, I found myself people watching. The sights are something else, to say the least. I found myself giggling while eating in a food court. I saw a woman in her mid to late fifties with long grey hair. As a stylist I instantly start a mental consultation of what I would recommend to improve ones appearance. It’s a habit I can’t control … Hazard of the industry. I then notice a woman eating with beautiful long full false eyelashes, yet her hair doesn’t look brushed and she is in pajama pants. Really she spent all that time on “Kardasian” lashes but cannot fix her hair or put on clothes? More importantly when traveling than your attire is skin care. Crossing time zones, recycled airplane air can be very drying to the skin. Apply a little extra moisturizer on travel day. Be sure and hydrate, drink plenty of water it’s the best for dry skin. Limit your sodium intake. Wear your glasses to give your eyes a rest until you reach your destination, then pop in those contacts. These few times can make you feel more refreshed when you reach your destination. Happy traveling, remember a hairdresser is looking at you!