October 31, 2017

A Good Haircut

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Ever hear the old saying a bad haircut only last two weeks? Well, no one should have to wait two weeks to “like” a haircut. In fact, it’s not that you will like it in two weeks, it is that your hair starts to grow and the average of two weeks is what it takes to get “used” to the cut. A professional hair stylist should have strong technical cutting skills, as well as creativity. The most important step in haircutting is the client consultation. You as the client should describe what you would like as the end result. Possibly show a picture. So many styles can be viewed on your smart devices….Pinterest is full of ideas. Your stylist should ask questions and observe your hair growth, head shape, and body language. Above all, he or she should LISTEN to you.

Once it has been determined what cut you should get, the stylist should determine the proper tools to achieve the service. Shears, razor, clippers all achieve different end results. One tool is not for everyone. We all have different hair texture and density. The use of the proper tool can make or break the perfect cut.

The cut should enhance your best features. Using your individual face shape, bone structure and growth patterns, your style should be unique to you. The style should be cut in, not styled in. Meaning if you can’t comb in the style when wet, it will require a great deal of styling to make the cut look good. Not everyone has the ability or time for styling daily.

The aftercare of the cut should be explained to you by the stylist. What styling products should be used? How much of the product? Where do you apply it? What styling tools are needed? These recommendations should be part of the professional haircut service. After all, this is what you are paying for. You want to be able to duplicate the finished results when you get home. The professional stylist should provide 5-star customer service to you every time you visit the salon. You should love your cut the moment you walk out of the salon!




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