August 11, 2020



What is a declatte? Well, it is French for the skin covering the neck and throat area. It is pronounced as you are sitting on your deck, having a latte! Skin is thin and delicate in this area of the body. It is also one of the most forgotten areas when taking care of our skin. Because of this, it becomes the first sign of a persons age. That’s right. When you get a facial treatment from a professional Esthetician, your declatte is treated just as the skin on your face is treated. Cleansed, toned, moisturizer. Most importantly SPF is applied. When we take care of our own skin, we forget about the declatte. We may be faithful with our skin care routine on our face, and protect it from the sun but we forget about our declatte. Think of your declatte as an extension of your face. Include it day and night in your skin care routine. Using the same products to protect this area. The moist important product being SPF everyday. To skip this area you may get that”turkey neck”, you know the neck that sags and is wobbly. Once that happens all you can do is invest in turtle necks and scarfs! Prevent this, take care of your declatte daily. If for no other reason, your friends will think you are cultured by using the French term in conversation!