November 15, 2017

Dry Hands?

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Remember the old Palmolive commercial? When the woman had her hand soaking in Palmolive to show how gentle it is on your skin? Well most of us don’t take care of the skin on our hands like we should. Then one day we look at our hands and Yikes! Chapped, cracked, flaky, and rough looking.


Before you get to that point try these few tips to prevent damaged skin.

  • Always wear SPF
  • Dry hands thoroughly after being in water
  • Gently roll back cuticles with the towel while drying hands
  • Wear gloves when outside in cold windy weather
  • Apply hand lotion regularly as a protective barrier
  • Wear rubber gloves when working with chemical products
  • Do not pick or bite dry skin! Yuck


If you haven’t done these tips and you have dry hands, use a deep penetrating hand cream to help rebuild skin cells. Dermalogica makes an amazing cream, multivitamin hand and nail cream. Use it daily at night before bed. Even put cotton gloves on. In as little as two days you will notice a huge difference. Another great help is a paraffin hand dip. Most Nail Technicians at professional salons offer this service. Your hands are cleansed, moisturizer is applied, then you are dipped in melted paraffin wax. Ahhh this is soothing and relaxing! The results are instantaneous. Remember take care of your hands, if not they will give your age away.