May 7, 2018

Formal Hairstyling

Each of us at one time or another will have a special event to attend. You may want to have your hair styled more formally. Seek the help of a licensed Hairstylist to obtain your dream look. Find a style you that inspires you. Pinterest if full of formal styles that can be duplicated for your special event. 

It is recommended to do a “trail run” with the hairstylist at the salon. This will ensure less stress on the day of your special event. Sometimes clients choose a style that may not be obtainable. Maybe the client does not have enough hair, it’s too thin, too short, or maybe too long. Sometimes the client chooses a style that doesn’t flatter their body or face shape. Worse, they may choose a style that doesn’t compliment the attire they are going to wear. It is not wise to spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful dress or gown and have long hair hanging over it, hiding the outfit.

A professional hairstylist should consult with you, your ideas, and goals. Then come up with a plan for what would work best for your face shape, hair type, and overall style for your event. Too little hair can be corrected with hairpieces or extensions. Too much hair could be corrected with a haircut or shaping. Good communication is key to obtaining your desired end result. The practice run will give you piece of mind and help you relax for your special day. Don’t forget to wear a button down shirt to your appointment…….you don’t want to pull over your newly coiffed hairstyle!