February 6, 2017

Foundation Matching

How do you know what foundation to buy? First you must understand there are many different types of foundation. Foundation is the single most important piece of makeup you can have. It evens out our skin tone and creates a pallet for the remainder of our makeup application. You could do the most amazing smokey eye but if your ruddy cheeks are still showing no one will even notice your eyes!

Foundation is available is powder, liquids and cream form. With powder being the lightest coverage to cream being the heaviest. First you must decide with amount of coverage you need. If you are a first time foundation user you will probably start out lighter. If you have skin areas needing coverage you may need heavier.

Test the shade of the foundation on the inner side of your wrist or on your jawline. The shade should blend in with your skin color and not leave a line. You will not want the shade to be darker or lighter as it will look like a mask rather than natural. Remember the shade will be dark or light, but will also have tone. You will need to match your tone as well. Cool or warm. Foundation bought “over the counter” is different from professional makeup. Over the counter foundation is usually a lighter consistency will less pigment. Professional foundation is usually more pigmented and can be custom blended. It is best to seek consultation from a licensed makeup artist or cosmetologist to match your foundation perfectly. Here’s to flawless skin!



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