April 1, 2019

How Do You Promote Yourself?

So you have entered the beauty industry. Do you understand you are a business within a business? That’s right; YOU are the professional offering services to clients. That means you need to form a brand for yourself.

Are you a trendsetter? Trying new things before it becomes the next big thing? Are you classic? You like clean, sharp or minimal looks? Are you avante grade? Into the bold and daring looks? Consider the type of clients you want to work with to build your client base. Are you a little of all the above?

Whether you are a nail, technician, an Esthetician, or a Cosmetologist you will need to realize you are on the stage all the time for clients. That means your self-image will be looked at and judged, like it or not. Have your makeup application, your nails, and your hair done to reflect who you want to attract. So, if stiletto nails, goth makeup, tattoos, and shaved undercut are your style, don’t expect middle aged librarian to look at you and say “I would love for you to cut my hair”. Just as if you are still wearing your hair as you did in the 80’s, with pink and purple eyeshadow, and no nail polish you will not attract a young college student for a balayage. As much as we don’t want to judge, we humans do. A person’s outward appearance is the first impression we have with them. This business requires clients to form a trust to allow us to offer Beauty services to them. So if you are a nail tech, you need to have your nails looking good. Not chipped polish with chewed cuticles. Estheticians need to have clean subtle skin that glows. Not acneic skin and dark circles. Cosmetologist need to have color and a haircut of today’s styles. Not a bun on top as if you are at yoga class. Put your best foot forward with a good appearance.

Your reputation is most important. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement for building your clientele. Today there are numerous ways to spread the word about you and your work. Good and bad. Be aware of these methods. Social media is huge. Portrait your social media the way you want to be perceived. Twitter, Facebook, instagram, snap chat, you tube, or any others ….clean them up. Share photos or videos of your work, your techniques, or your specials. Have happy clients share your info whether a post or a business card. Your happy clients will help you to promote your talents to others. Talk about yourself to others. You love what you do, explain it to people. Not just people you know. Be open to get out of your box and talk to others. Pay attention to body language. You will see if someone is not interested, or uncomfortable. Always be polite and not too forward, or pushy. A good rule of thumb, talk 80% of your skills and services, only 20% about yourself. People want to be taken care of and to look their best.

Your salon can assist you as well in building your book. Advertisements, promotions, cross marketing, or coupons always help. Be a team player and work with other salon employees to promote and share ideas. Together everyone will achieve more and it makes for a great environment which clients like. So remember your self-image promotion is just as important as honing your skills and techniques.

Happy Attracting