March 20, 2018

If It Has Hair Wax It!

Who knew waxing would become such a huge part of the beauty industry? Nearly 30 years ago when I entered beauty school I was introduced to a waxing treatment. It was a roll on wax method used on the eyebrows and upper lip area. Man how time have changed. Today both men and women receive wax treatments. The most common areas for men are the back, ears and nose. For women the eyebrows and upper lip. Full body waxing was has grown tremendously in the last five years.

Numerous product lines have emerged during this time. Professional services can be done with roll on, or pot wax units. Hard, soft, cold, or hot waxes are available. There are different types of waxes for different skin types, as well as for the various areas to be waxed. Waxing has become so popular as the hair is quickly removed leaving the skin smooth for approximately six to eight weeks. For clients who regularly receive professional wax services, remaining hair free can even last longer. Overtime, when the hair does reappear it is finer and softer.

If you are contemplating getting a wax service, make sure it is done in a professional salon bya trained wax technician. A proper consultation should be done prior to the service. A few questions Should be asked during this consultation. Do you have any allergies to bees wax? Do you take any acne medication such as Accutane, tetracycline, or retin-a? Depending on the answers you provide the professional will decide what type of products to use to obtain the best results. Or if waxing should be done at all. Above all sanitation is a must. All item used should be disposable. No technician should ever “double dip” in a pot wax. After treatment creams, or lotions should be used to help calm and heal the skin. At home aftercare hints should be provided to you as well. Until next time, “wax on-wax off!”