May 24, 2016

It’s All About that Base

Base Coat I am talking about. I am sure many of you have painted your nails a time or two. Do you really know what base coat is for? Is it really necessary? The answer is yes! Base coat has two main purposes. First is to prepare the natural nail so nail color shade adheres better. Second is to prevent stain-age to the natural nail.

You see, our nails are made up of layers. Theses layers are not always even. Some may have ridges or corrugations. Others may be peeling or split. Apply a thin layer of base coat to the nail before applying your colored lacquer. This base coat will fill in any uneven ridges to allow the colored lacquer to go on evenly. You could use a nail strengthener as the base coat to help strengthen the natural nail. This is especially helpful if you have weak, thin, or brittle nails.

There are so many nail lacquer shades to choose from, pale pink to deep black! Anytime a dark shade, or heavily pigmented shade is used on the natural nail there is a chance of stain-age. The nails are porous and pigment will stain them. In order to prevent this, base coat should always be applied before the color. Base coat will provide that protective barrier needed to prevent stains, allowing you to change color shades often without worry. So don’t forget that base! Happy polishing ?




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