October 22, 2018


Makeup is often used to showcase someone’s individuality and creativity.
Makeup can be used in a variety of different ways to accentuate different features.


A glamorous look can be achieved by darkening your eyeshadow, deepening your contour, adding an intense lip, and a voluminous set of false eye lashes. These looks are great for an extra special date night and all formal events.


A subtle, natural look is perfect for a day of errands, a casual date, or if you are wanting to achieve an effortless look. Neutral colors and tones are necessary to successfully execute a natural glow. This look can be perfected with a simple dusting of bronzer with highlighter and defined brows.


Everyone enjoys a little pop of color every now and then. A little color can change the overall look whether it is added to enhance the eyes or the lips. These little pops of color are dynamite when you are wanting to take your everyday look a step farther.