126 Hours

If you have a desire to work in an area of the Beauty Industry that is growing rapidly, our Electrology Program is for you! ABS has a separate program related to hair removal. Our Electrology Program offers instruction in permanent hair removal.

Our Electrology Program is designed to prepare the student in a knowledgeable background of the history of hair removal, various hair removal techniques, different methods of electrology, and starting a practice.

Completion of the Electrology Program will prepare the student to take a Final Examination in a clinical environment on live models. Upon successfully completing the Final Exam students will obtain a Certificate to Practice Electrolysis

2023 Electrology Class

  • March 13 – May 3, 2023
  • Sept 8 – Nov 1, 2023

Mon-Tue-Wed    2:00-7:00pm        9 weeks


The ABS 126 hour Electrology Program will train potential electrologists in the latest technology of all areas of hair removal.Our program is designed so that working students may enroll with out much job interference. Classes are held at various times throughout the year.

The Electrology Program will consist of lectures, audio-visuals, theory testing and hands on practice. Upon completion of the program, the students will be able to professionally apply the latest techniques in permenant hair removal as well as being knowledgeable in opening a practice. Electrology practices have been opened separately or as an added service to salons and doctors offices.

In our surrounding area, Electrology practice is growing rapidly. Salons are frequently inquiring about hiring employees who are qualified to administer this service. If you want “an edge” on a career that is quickly growing, enrolling in the Electrology Program can give it to you. Get certified in this short seven week program and add profits to your career today. Call (814) 942-3141 with any questions you may have.



Books & Supplies


Hours Breakdown
History of Hair Removal10 hrs
Basic Electrology10 hrs
Chemistry10 hrs
Equipment and Accessories10 hrs
Techniques and Procedures36 hrs
Bacteriology and Sanitation10 hrs
Human Anatomy10 hrs
Image and Consultations20 hrs
State Laws0 hrs
Total 126 hours

Student Testimonials

  • I feel fully prepared to go into the industry from here and use the skills I have learned to help me advance in my career. This school feels like home and I am so grateful for everyone especially my coaches. Hannah J.

    The school offers a lot of support to their students. The staff is willing to help students to the best of their ability. The education is excellent, and the hands-on training far exceeded my expectations.

    Crystal J