December 27, 2016

Please DO NOT use “box hair color”!

Many people think they are capable to color their hair themselves at home. I know you have seen the commercials with famous actresses looking beautiful and stating “you are worth it”. Do you honestly believe Beyoncé goes to her local drugstore, buys box hair color, and puts it on herself at home? Really? No she pays a professional hair colorist to create her own unique color, and it is gorgeous.

If you are thinking of coloring your hair, seek a salon with a licensed cosmetologist. In order to obtain that cosmetology license those stylists have had to complete hundreds of hours of training. Learning the chemical compositions of the products they use, and the hair itself. Most of them continue learning by taking extensive hair color classes. After being in the business 25 years I had the opportunity to train at the Sassoon Academy in ABC hair color techniques. I had a thorough knowledge of color, hair and years of salon experience. I did not know the art of different applications and the methodical approach to it. The color applications that I am now capable of are only limited to my imagination. I consider myself to be a very good colorist and I would never attempt to color my own hair. The application is just as important as the formula to achieve the desired end result.

Yes the formula. You see it is really a science – chemistry. The condition of the hair, underlying pigments, previous color, and the amount of grey are just a few factors that will determine what you end up with. So those boxes on the shelf of “light brown” may not turn out to be light brown on you. In fact they will not be the same on everyone. Also do you know what strength the developer is? Most people do not and wonder why their hair feels so dry and tangly after their home color. Professional hair color done correctly by a stylist should not damage your hair.  Stylist know what strength of developer to use or not. The stylist should explain prior to application the outcome you can expect. Most clients tell me their hair feels better after color service. So please don’t try it at home. Look at a professional hair color service as a treat to yourself. A relaxing trip to the salon can make you look and feel better!


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