Altoona Beauty School

Is among a select number of committed cosmetology schools in North America who are members of the exclusive Sassoon Academy School Connection. They have invested in their teaching staff and immersed them in the Sassoon Academy proprietary ABC cutting and coloring methodology.

The Sassoon Academy School Connection from Melissa Nab on Vimeo.

If you dream of owning your own salon, being part of a salon group, working behind the scenes on motion pictures, working in the international fashion arena and creating looks for magazines or working on photographic shoots, attending Altoona Beauty School, a Sassoon Academy | School Connection member school, can be a fantastic start in realizing your goals!

Choosing to study Cosmetology at Altoona Beauty School provides you the unique opportunity to access:

  • A kit that includes an ABC manual, DVD and workbook.
  • Hand-picked team leaders from Altoona Beauty School who have attended a minimum of a two week intense cutting and coloring course in Santa Monica, CA immersing them in the Sassoon Academy culture & the ABC philosophy. These team leaders attend ongoing Sassoon Academy education to refresh their skill levels & continue to raise the bar.
  • The Sassoon Academy Creative team members visit and update the team leaders annually in this Sassoon Academy | School Connection school.
  • The exciting and exclusive annual Sassoon Academy | School Connection photographic Cut | Color contest. The final of which is held in Long Beach, CA.
  • A Cosmetology school that reflects a real world student salon, all Sassoon Academy | School Connection member schools teach Salon oriented retail skills and up service motivation. Since all Sassoon Academy | School Connection schools are Nuts and Bolts Business Training member schools, graduates will enter the industry with confidence along with a Personal and Business Development diploma from Nuts and Bolts.

If hard work, commitment and dedication are part of your personality traits and creativity, flexibility and financial rewards are high on your list of career objectives, then a future in hair may well be for you. There is no better place to start that journey than Altoona Beauty School, a Sassoon Academy | School Connection member school.

Most importantly, by choosing to attend Altoona Beauty School, you will graduate as a member of a small and unique group, a graduate of Sassoon Academy | School Connection.