July 9, 2018


The sun is much hotter today than ever before. Vitamin D is good for you, it gives us energy and can change a person’s mood. The sun provides a great source of vitamin D. Too much sun can be hazardous to your skin. It prematurely ages our skin, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Hyper pigmentation or dark skin spots are a cause of too much sun as well. The most hazard from the sun would be skin cancer. Skin cancer has no preference, male female, dark skin, or light skin. We all need protection from the sun’s rays.

The best protection comes from SPF or sun protection factor. Anytime your skin is exposed to the sun you should be wearing SPF. The number behind the SPF is the strength of protection. The higher the number, the more protection you have from the harmful rays. It is recommended a person wear SPF 30. Our skin is the thinnest on our face and neck. The areas must have SPF at all times not just while swimming or sunbathing. Remember it during other outdoor activities like skiing, biking, or hiking. Women should even add the SPF to their foundation (makeup) as protection. A few drops added to the foundation application is all that is needed. Some makeup may already have the SPF added to it. Hats and light colored clothing are other ways to protect your skin. Don’t forget the sun glasses ?