April 11, 2017

Thinning Hair? Try Nioxin

What is the purpose of hair? The two main purposes are protection and adornment. Most of us are more concerned with the adornment part. We all want to look good and our hair can be a direct reflection of that. How we wear our hair can say a lot about us. Our unique style can make us unforgettable, just look at Donald Trump. His hair is known across the globe wether we love it or hate it! 

Both men and women can suffer from thinning hair. When we notice our hair is thinning, it can be devastating. As we age both males and females produce more testosterone. This can lead to clogged hair follicles, which lead to baldness. Male pattern baldness is typically in the top back crown of the head. Female pattern baldness is typically at the front hairline. Both can see recession of hair at the temples of the front hairline. Yikes! Other factors can be a reason for thinning hair or baldness. Stress, prescription drugs, pregnancy, or medical procedures. In these types of causes  the hair will return and grow again. For hair loss due to normal aging there is help.

Seek a professionally trained stylist that carries Nioxin Professional products. Nioxin has a specific line of shampoo and treatments for your hair type. The stylist should be able to consult and direct you a to the shampoo and treatment needed to render your scalp healthy again to grow hair. The shampoo and treatment prepares your scalp for hair growth by removing excess oils and stimulating the blood flow. Nioxin has drops for men and women that contain the only FDA approved hair growth ingredient, minoxidil. There is a different strength for men than woman. By properly using these products daily you will notice hair regrowth, and maintain healthy hair. Nioxin also has styling products for thinning hair. There are six products to choose from. Each of these products is proven to maintain the clean healthy scalp. So, no build up or clogging of follicles. The entire line of Nioxin is for healthy scalp and promotion of hair growth. Remember seek a professional salon and stylist who is trained in the Nioxin line to consult with. DO NOT purchase Nioxin anywhere else as it could be diverted and sold from the black market, which could be contaminated and cause more issues. Here’s to hair growth and the absence of that bald spot!