January 1, 2020

Trimming Toenails

Regardless of our age, or sex we need to keep our toenails trimmed. Too long of toenails can cause problems. They can catch on things and be torn, or simply cause discomfort when wearing closed toed shoes.

Toenails are designed to protect the tips of the toes. Many of us have stubbed our toes at one time or another. Maybe even dropped something on a toe. Have you noticed the nail maybe black and blue? May even fall off? Sometimes you notice waving ridges or white spots in the nails. This is all because we tend to forget about our feet, and don’t give them the attention they deserve.

The first care of toenails should be to keep them at a short length. Allowing the free edge to protrude just a little over the tip of the toenail. When trimming toenails, it is best to use large stainless steel toenail clippers. Cut the nail straight across never into the corners of the nail. This can cause ingrown toenails and will require medical attention from a podiatrist.

Once the toenail is cut, use an emery board to lightly file the nail. This will keep the newly cut toenail smooth. When trimming children’s toenails, they are usually softer. A children’s toenail clipper can be used as they are designed for tiny toes. They are smaller and not quite as sharp. Use extra caution when filing a child’s toenail. Too much filing or too fast can cause the emery board to cut the skin. Over time as we age it gets harder to reach those toes and trim them. It is best to go to your podiatrist to have nails trimmed. Especially if one is on blood thinners, or diabetic. A little nick while cutting toenails can create a lot or troubles. Keep those toes in tip top shape!