December 1, 2019

Work Ethics

Most of us have learned work ethics based on the way we have been raised. We learn by what we observe and are told. The area we have been brought up in, or the culture we have been raised in can determine these work ethics too. Some are born into a lifestyle with nothing and have had to work hard for everything they have ever received. Others are born into luxury and have been handed things to them easily. Neither is above work ethics.

I believe work ethics is what separates successful stylists from unsuccessful stylists. It can also be what sets a spa or salon apart from another. Pay attention to details. When you arrive at work are you early? You start the coffee for your fellow employees. Get the towels started. Check the restrooms for paper products. Or do you just make it on time? You are glad someone else started coffee because you really need some. You are glad the towels are started because you really don’t feel you should have to do them. Check toilet paper, are you kidding? That isn’t in your job description.

Working in a service industry as anyone in the Cosmetology industry is, you need to remember everything you do or don’t do can affect your success. Go the extra mile, pick up that trash a client left behind. Make sure your hand mirrors are clean. Straighten the bed sheets to perfection. Make sure that foot spa water is comfortable. The littlest things can make the biggest difference to your guest. Remember how you felt when someone did something extra for you without asking. That is how you should treat every guest. The easiest thing you can do is SMILE! Smiling can instantly make someone else happy.

Work hard – be successful!